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About Gesualdi Construction

Established in 1967, Gesualdi Construction has been active throughout Fairfield County for over fifty years. A general contracting and construction management company, Gesualdi specializes in economical commercial and residential renovations of all types. It is staffed with talented craftsmen of all trades, forming a solid, reliable and impressive in-house group of carpenters, masons, painters, demolition crews and acoustical ceiling installers whose teamwork enhances cost control and precise project scheduling: two important components in the success of Gesualdi Construction.

Retired Founder Sam Gesualdi came to the United States from Pani, Italy, when he was just sixteen years old. He worked days at Consolidated Diesel Corporation, starting in 1965, while in the evenings he worked for himself doing construction. It wasn’t long before Sam’s excellent reputation spread and he was soon acquiring accounts from companies such as General Electric, Xerox and Unilever. His admirable work ethic, dedication and loyalty are what made Gesualdi Construction what it is today: an honest, reliable company that performs high quality work and goes above and beyond to finish projects on time and within budget.

Louis Gesualdi, President, has been active in the general contracting and construction management business since graduating from Hobart College in 1987. He joined Sam and the Gesualdi team as a carpenter’s apprentice and through the years has learned every aspect of the trade. He shares his father’s work ethic and maintains client relationships spanning decades while satisfying many new customers who have learned to rely on Gesualdi Construction. Estimating and scheduling are his primary roles today, but he is continuously active on-site, working with his supervisors and project managers to ensure that all projects are running efficiently, and on target.

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Gesualdi Construction, Inc.
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